Learning From Actors – Three Blind Mice – Matthew Newton


I was putting the (almost)  finishing touches on this site today but had to leave my beloved HTML and CSS to go to the movies with my wife. It was a great occasion, a screening of the Australian movie Three Blind Mice, directed by and starring Matthew Newton.That’s not quite correct, the whole cast was exceptional without any cringe moment that you sometimes get in Australian movies. Each of them deserves a star over their door.

The movie is about three naval officers on their last night before going to Iraq.

Matthew attended the screening at the Blue Room Cinebar, fielding questions afterward.

One great scene has one of the officers, Sam ( Ewen Leslie),  lying on the grass in a park at night with a waitress (Gracie Otto). There’s  that nervous banter and awkward physical movement of two people trying to connect that is charming and endearing.

One of the audience asked Matthew whether the scene was scripted  or ad lib, as it seemed so natural, awkward and real. Matthew replied it was indeed scripted, every last word and awkward pause. It had been shot many times and the best pieces incorporated, the rest left on the cutting room floor.

Takeaway points for presenters:

  • Rehearse until it seems natural
  • Discard the bits that don’t work