About Powerpoint Presentation Training

IndiaHi! I’m Bill Kernoczy, from Brisbane Queensland,  and I’m passionate about training, especially powerpoint presentation training. I’ve trained lots of companies in how to use PowerPoint and how not to, but I’ve always felt as if there were something missing. That something is the acknowledgement of people who present for a living, and what we can learn from them.

The other thing that is different about my method is taking a strategic approach – analysing your audience, their motivators, their influence, what they want from you, what your theme should be and so on.

Some presentation training courses are proscriptive, ie, do this, don’t do that, without ever giving you an adequate reason why. I take the approach, “Look at what this group of people does, look at this other group. What can we learn from them?”

That way it helps you develop your own presentation style.

Where did this come from?

My background includes being:

  • a colonel in the Australian Army
  • a sales manager in office products, IT
  • a ceo of a civil engineering company
  • a country rock musician
  • a radio announcer

Each of those jobs and interests taught me something different about presentation skills.

I have a lot of interests, experience and stories to illustrate my training programs, and have had recent training assignments in Germany, Israel, Saudi Arabia, India, Thailand and Taiwan.

You can view my linkedin profile here.

How I Can Help You

I’m an accredited trainer, with a variety of industry and govenment experience.Besides running PowerPoint Presentation workshops, I can assess your important presentations like:

  • sales proposals
  • proposals to government bodies
  • funding submissions, and many more

and advise you on their effectiveness and  provide PowerPoint  design and message construction advice. If your PowerPoint presentation looks anything like this, you’re in deep trouble.