6 – The Segue



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• verb (segues, segued, seguing) (in music and film) move without interruption from one song, melody, or scene to another.

• noun an instance of this.

— ORIGIN Italian, ‘follows’.

The purpose of the segue in powerpoint presentations is to transition from one part to another. You can choose whether you want to do it seemingly seamlessly, or you can make a great song and dance about it. The point is you must transition.

In a business presentation, you don’t want to confuse your audience, so maybe the transition should be a bit more obvious,  like a bumper slide with the highlighted agenda point, as I mentioned in article five on the agenda. I have been confused a few times watching students give presentations because I just didn’t know where they were up to and it wasn’t obvious from what they were saying. Maybe their segues were too good, but I suspect not.

Simple Segues

Once you  are about to leave a section you need to make a segue. Here’s how I might segue from the intro to the first major point. The topic is environmental effects of animal populations, and I’m going to talk about wild animals, farm animals and humans.

We’ve agreed on the agenda, and that this is a really important topic. Let’s look at the wild animal population first.

It doesn’t really sound like much, but it’s important for centering the audience.

Seguing from wild to farm is relatively easy because they are different parts of the non-human population. Farm animals to humans?

You’ve seen the effects on the environment thus far by those we like to think are inferior to us. But what about we humans?

Complex Segues

Other writers on this topic advocate ringing bells, blowing party whistles, undertaking group activities, telling jokes. Just be aware of your audience and act accordingly. The KISS principle rules on most occasions.

One liners, anecdotes and questions can be used to  segue simply from part to another.

Learning Through Humour

The first few minutes of this YouTube clip  from “The Chaser’s War on Everything” will tell you all you need to know about the segue:

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