5 – The Agenda

At some time during introduction to your powerpoint presentation, you’re gonna have to “tell ’em what you’re gonna tell ’em”. Naturally you can introduce an agenda slide like this.


And after you’ve described your agenda , you should explain how long you expect the presentation to take and ask for agreement.

But there’s potential pitfall here. What happens if the people you are presenting to, especially in a sales or marketing presentation, don’t agree with your agenda? What if they want to hear something different or additional?

Ninety-nine percent of the time this won’t happen because of your excellent discovery process, right? You’ve visited the company or organisation, you’ve established their expectations, and agreed the agenda at a senior level beforehand . But what if it does happen? Someone says,

No we’ve resolved that issue and don’d don’t need to talk about it any more. Why are people reluctant to talk about the cost and compliance? That’s what I’d like to hear. does everyone else agree?”

Creeks and paddles come to mind, but you should know your topic well enough to be able to cover all aspects of it.

To administer this change rewrite the agenda on a whiteboard or flip chart, leaving it visible for the duration of the presentation. When you get to the part they want to cut out, make a decision whether the content is relevant and either include it or not.

You’ve said this has been covered adequately, but just to make sure let me give you a brief overview. Is that OK?

When you get to the added agenda item, make them do the work. Ask a question;

You’ve said that cost and compliance are some of your major issues. What  factors are causing you concern?

Then deal with them.

Delivering the agenda through the powerpoint presentation.

I’m sure you know how to grey out items that have been covered or are coming up. You can use the agenda as a “bumper’ slide to keep the audience aware of where you are up to in the presentation, and perhaps present your logo again if you feel you have to (I’m part of the anti-logo-on-every-slide-brigade).


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