Sales Presentations What Are You Selling?

Sales presentation what are you selling worksheet

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I was inspired to put this worksheet together from a discussion thread on linekdin. to quote the thread owner Tony Robinson Sales trainer, coach and consultant ;

What is it that you really sell?

Some years ago a Harley Davidson marketing executive, when asked this question, famously said..”what we sell is the ability for a 43 year old accountant to dress in black leather and ride into small towns and have people be afraid of him.”

Harley Davidson don’t sell motorcycles….they sell dreams and lifestyle…and they have been very successful at that!

Similary shovel salespersons sell holes, not shovels, so what is it you are really selling the customer?

You can clarify your offer using the worksheet. Start from the left column, your product, service or solution, plus the features and benefits you think th ecustomer may be interested in- no surprises there, it’s what most sales people have been trained to do.

Then go to the customer’s side. What is their situation? How can they gain pleasure or avoid pain or both- the two drivers for purchasing.

For example, why would anyone buy an Armani suit? They’re very expensive and made of ultrafine marino woolen fabric that wears faster than a more sturdy suit. One reason may be to gain pleasure – to have a feeling of lightness, revelling in the craftsmaship of a finely woven garment that others can’t afford. Another reason may be to avoid pain, the pain of humiliation as your merchant banker friends snigger behind your back at your lack of big city savvy.

It’s the alignment of your product benefits to the cusotmer’s pain or pleasure that helps the sales process, so it deserves some thinking time. Column 3. Then you need to decide how you are going to present it.

I hope the worksheet helps. I’m going to use it in my next Sales 101 course – thanks for the inspiration, Tony

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