PowerPoint Presentation Training

PowerPoint Presentation Training in Brisbane

Training designed to make you and your team better presenters with meaningful messages, state of the art slide design and improved personal presentation skills.

Prepare and Plan – Phase 1

picture of laptop for powerpoint presentation

Don’t crack the laptop until you’ve done some serious strategic analysis. Use tested templates to analyse who you’re presenting to, what they want to hear and what you want to achieve.

Design and Develop – Phase 2

example of powerpoint slide design using vibrant colors

Construct your presentation so that it flows smoothly from a great start to a convincing close. Learn simple design skills to make your presentation “pop” without using powerpoint templates .

Stand and Deliver – Phase 3

lady speaker presenting

Concentrate on the message, not the performance to convince your audience to give you what you want. Adapt techniques from other professionals, like lawyers, into your own presentation style

If you’re serious about presenting, I can help you.